That limiting can be be beautifull proves the DISCOVERY PROF 2000, a stereo audio-limiter for mechanical music. 

Among other things, through the use of carfully selected components we have succeeded in putting an audio-limiter on the market which hasn`t only been officially passed, but also has a remarkable sound-quality. 

The audio-limiter can be connected, in a simple manner to any amplifier. 

The DISCOVERY PROF 2000 will be supplied together with :
- already installed audio-cable of 150 cm
- mainflex and euro-plug 220V.
- clear directions for connecting and adjusting
- this product provides a warranty of one year. During this period we shall deal with complaints based on faulty manufacture or assembly and wear 

Once adjusted and sealed the aplliance is absolutely sabotage-proof. 
A simple test is possible by switching the appliance off and on with the power-switch. 

In developing the DISCOVERY PROF 2000 much attention has been paid to the user-friendliness of the appliance.

one touch on the famous "golden" button...

slide the metal front to the right... 

adjust the input and output... 

and install a single seal! 

You don`t even need a screw driver for opening, adjusting and closing the appliance!!

The DISCOVERY PROF 2000 is already used by several local authorities and is a completely Dutch product of DAMU ELECTRONICS AMSTERDAM